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Moving to a new location is in itself a stressful and emotional process. From buying or selling houses, changing children’s school, new job, and emotional turmoil for the place you are leaving behind- amidst all of these, the movers have little time and patience to pack and move things on their own. NPM Movers Mississauga is a renowned moving company in Mississauga, helping you with various kinds of moving and packing services for more than two decades. Serving Mississauga and beyond since the 2000s, No Problem Movers (NPM), a professional moving company for your cross-country, local, or specialized moving services. We are fast and affordable movers near you, like a knight, who will save you from your moving distress. 

Plan Your Move with Fast and Reliable Moving Company in Mississauga, ON 

Make this stressful adventure of your life a little less hectic by hiring professional movers of  No Problem Movers. We set up multiple meetings with you to know about your preferences, what and how much things need to be packed, when will the packing process start, when and where do you want them moved, special requirements for packing, special care for precious or fragile things- we make notes of every little thing to make moving an enjoyable process as you towards a new future. 

Losing sleep about how much work needed to be done? Hire the best Mississauga movers, No Problem Movers to lessen your burden. For commercial moving and residential moving services, we will transport your belongings all across Canada, and even to America within time at affordable rates. We will arrive at your door on your chosen date on time to disassemble furniture, pack each thing neatly in packing material depending upon fragility; pack everything in different boxes, and label those boxes for easier unpacking later on.

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The moving cost explained

  • The number of vans or trucks needed for loading your belongings; truck rental to insurance, etc.
  • Depending upon the distance between your current location to the place where you will move.
  • Whether you need packing, carrying, loading into trucks your belongings, appliances, piano, furniture by our moving specialist, and travel fees.
  • Whether it’s a local move or an international move to America.
  • The moving price also depends on whether you are moving into studios, condos, three-four bedroom apartments or homes, or large offices.
  • For local movers in Mississauga the cost of moving will be at an hourly rate depending upon how fast and smooth you want the moving and delivery to be.

Why choose us?

  • A stress-free, damage-free, safe delivery.
  • Diligent, friendly, punctual moving specialist.
  • Professional movers will reach your location in a suit, N95 mask, boots, and gloves to abide by Covid-19 regulations.
  • Arrangement for virtual meetings due to the pandemic.
  • Doing delivery in short notices no less than 24 hours.
  • Affordable and upfront pricing; no hidden fees.
  • 20+ years of experience, trust of hundreds of customers, love for the profession, and respect for customers’ time and emotion.
  • Save yourself from the mental and physical stress and save precious time too.

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Our Moving and Packing Services


Be it packing personal belongings, heavy-weight furniture or objects such as piano, pool table, removing unnecessary junks from your place, official files, electronic devices- you name it our moving specialist will deliver them safely to your given location.

Our packing services include:

  1. Local home moving: Few blocks away or across states, no moving and packing service is too big or small for us.
  2. Business moving: To minimize downtime, we will deliver your office belongings and assemble them in places where you want so that your employees can smoothly transition to the new office.
  3. International moving: No matter what the distance, we are happy to be part of the journey. We move 1000+ trucks to America for you.
  4. Packing services: Good packing is essential for moving. Packing things in different packing materials and boxes depending upon their size, fragility, and utility is kept in mind by our moving specialist.
  5. Moving boxes and supplies: Be it moving boxes, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, packing paper, paper tape, etc- you name anything related to moving, we deliver them to you.
  6. Climate-controlled storage: If your new place is getting renovated, keep your precious belongings in our climate-controlled storage to keep them neat and untouched.

We also do in-house moving, box shop, plastic bin rental, condo move, express move as well. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 1-877-21-0202 to hire the best movers in Mississauga or contact us to get a free quote. Let’s make moving a peaceful and worthwhile adventure together!

Moving Services FAQs

With million things to do before moving- buying or selling homes, finding children’s new school, getting a new job offer, collecting information about the location you are moving- no one would have the patience and time to pack things neatly in various boxes, load them in trucks or vans and drive them to their new location; and unpack and assemble them. For an affordable moving company near me, look no further and contact No Problem Movers Mississauga to keep peace of mind while moving.

The charges depend on the number of trucks, rentals, insurance, the distance between your current location and the place you are moving to, the size of your homes, studios, offices, apartments; and packing, loading, unpacking, assembling, travel fees, and how fast you want the moving to be. No other professional moving company in Mississauga will give you affordable rates for such a heavy-duty job as moving. we can guarantee you that!

A general rule of the thumb is to tip $4-$6 per hour per mover or tip between 5-10% of the total moving cost.

While it’s advisable for movers Mississauga to get in contact with us for long-distance moving three months before the moving date so we can execute a plan of which things need to be packed, how and be kept in which boxes, where to assemble them, keep our trucks and professionals ready and free for those particular days, etc. For last-minute moves give us 1-2 days’ notice. For off-shore moving, give us 4-8 weeks’ notice to get on your schedule and gather the required paperwork and documents. Remember that, the less time you give us, the more flexible you have to be.

We are called the best Mississauga movers by customers for our efficiency to pack and move belongings neatly. We use bubble wrap, cartons, packing tape, airbags, foam enclosures, foam-in-bag, crumpled craft paper to pack your belongings neatly. We pack fragile items separately with patience, and with extra cushioning and pack them tightly into boxes so that they do not bang against one and another during the move. We pack things in labeled cartons so that we can unpack and assemble things fast at the new location.