About Us

Our Little Story


We’ve been moving people, products, packages, and companies since 2000. Almost 20 years, we’ve moved a lot. Most importantly, we’ve assured our customers of quality moving service with reliable solutions and excellent results. “Simple and like clockwork”—it’s how customers describe our services. We ensure your move is stress-free!

We pack it up. We move it out. We set it up. Your move is our job!


“Moving requires strategy, coordination, and organization. It’s a job for professionals. We offer our clients an outstanding service that helps them achieve peace of mind and the confidence in us to get the job done. Caring about the individual needs of our clients makes their move less stressful, productive, and cost-efficient. It’s our primary goal and our guarantee!” – Raza A., President.

Our first order of business is to understand our customer’s needs. In-depth conversations, strategic planning, detailed coordination, and customized solutions allow us to provide customers with the peace of mind they need. Making any move smooth and worry-free is our primary goal.

So when residential and business customers want to move to another office, home, city, country, or even another floor, we take a systematic approach to meeting expectations with services that include:

  • Friendly, fully-trained, bonded, and insured professionals
  • Safe loading, transport, and delivery of belongings
  • Reliable, timely, and cost-efficient use of resources
  • Strategic coordination of transport vehicles and service professionals
  • Accountability for the entire move from start to finish
  • Customized solutions for individual needs

“Moving isn’t just about changing locations and shifting your things. It’s about making sure the process is systematic, well-executed, and worry-free. When our qualified and trained movers take on the job, their expertise becomes the foundation for any successful move. After all, making our clients happy and secure with our services at all times creates a win-win situation.” – Abbas H., VP of Sales & Operations


  • I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for an excellent job on the ITAC move. Mike’s leadership of his team ensured an easy, worry-free and timely move of our offices. No Problem Movers were extremely timely, courteous, responsive to direction, and they were very careful not to damage any of our furnishing and walls in the new location. Mike and his team made my life and my Canada Day one to remember, but one that ran smoothly. We’ re grateful to have had such a fantastic crew that surpassed all of my expectations and their professionalism made our move stress free! I would, without hesitation, highly recommend No Problem Movers.

    Paula Allen
  • I am not sure how best to convey our sincere thanks for the care, concern and ultimate relocation of the Hockey Hall of Fame’s archival collection. Thank you, No Problem Movers! Our collection is world renowned and possesses many fragile pieces as well as those that reside in unique climate conditions. No Problem Movers provided the efficiency and expertise that I could have only hoped for when given this task to oversee the move. No Problem Movers was one of only two companies who verbally indicated their understanding of our charitable status. The No Problem Movers’ first and final estimate reflected this fact. Personal, prompt and courteous are words to describe their management and on-site movers. They are dedicated to the job at hand and willing to do everything required to get the job done correctly. They supplied all necessary packing materials and helped to coordinate the logistics with respect to our landlords Brookfield Properties and the MasterCard Centre. They are experts and they warrant your consideration for your move, however big or small. I would recommend No Problem Movers to any museum, business and person

    Craig Campbell
    Hockey Hall of Fame