Commercial Moving

We pack it up. We move it out. We set it up.
Your move is our job!

Commercial Move ServicesRelocating your office? Moving goods to another warehouse in the GTA? Or moving your head office to another city in Canada or the U.S.? We know it’s a big undertaking. But we’ll simplify the complexities, we’ll coordinate the details, and we’ll move everything with ease. Our goal is to cut down on your office downtime and aim to get your move done quickly and seamlessly, using a tried and trusted system:



Step #1: Pre-plan

It’s the key to a successful relocation. We’ll develop a numbering and labeling system for all belongings and determine a realistic timeline on the whole move. Teachers and parents love our labeling system!

Step #2:

Meet with the moving specialist who will review your floor plans and the individual services required. This will allow us to give you an accurate and cost-effective estimate based on your customized needs. No surprise charges!

Step #3: Packing

We’ll provide instruction on proper packing procedures with or without the use of stackable office bins. We can also disassemble and reassemble furniture (including cubicles). Our reliable and professionally-trained movers will handle the details, including packing fragile or sensitive belongings. We have clean and modern packing materials and our trucks are sanitized beforehand. No boxes that bottom out. No hasty dismantling. No disrespect of your privacy!

Step #4: Moving

We’ll confirm the details of your move prior to the scheduled date. Our specialists are trained to move belongings of a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights. Marked with a clear message, the items will be moved with care. We are efficient, well-organized, and cost-efficient. It’s the best way to get such an endeavour accomplished, so that you can get right back to business.

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