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Top Tips To Move with Pets – Guide for a Less Stressful Move

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Are you moving? It can be stressful, and when it’s with your pets, it adds a layer to your anxiety. The reason is that your pets are acquainted with the old place, and moving can be uncomfortable for them. You can hire the best moving company for your stuff. But when it comes to your pets, you have to ensure that their spirit remains unbroken.

While cats can disrupt the packers & movers’ services by playing with the boxes, your dog can get into a zone of anxiety seeing the change. Moving your fish, however, can be much trickier than all of them. Transporting them requires assistance from the best movers in Ontario who have the right containers and trucks for making the move.

In this article, we will look at a few tips to move with pets to make your relocation experience a less stressful event.

How to move with your pets

If you are moving locally, then you don’t need to worry. Everything your pet needs is still accessible. However, if you are changing the city or state, you will have to ensure that the move is hassle-free for your pets. Here’s what you need to keep in mind with hiring the best moving company –

1. Visit the vet

The first thing you need to do is take your pet to the vet and have your pet prepared for the move. This involves getting the pet tested and going through routine checkups. Get any certificates or documents you need for moving the pets. You also need to take the specialized prescriptions that are available only with your vet. When you are moving to Toronto, you can find a lot of options for your beloved pet. But if the area you are moving to is a bit remote, for safety, you can again ask for some soothing spray or medication. This will make the travelling experience less stressful for them.

2. Pack their stuff

Ask your moving team if they also offer packing services to pack all your pet’s belongings in a separate box. This includes their food and dishes, toys and bedding, seasonal gear, medical records, waste disposal items, and others. Label the package with your pet’s name so you can quickly find it once you reach your new place. Ensure that you don’t miss anything your pet loves, as it may contribute to their anxiety.

3. Move your pet freely

It is best to create an open space for your pet to move. Dogs and cats are not used to living in confined spaces. They need freedom of movement. Ask your movers to create a safe space for pets where they don’t feel suffocated. However, ensure that there are no open doors from where your pet can set foot out of the container or the truck. Ensure that there are no heavy items near them that can be knocked over.

4. Leave them to exploration

The best moving company will carefully deliver your pet to your premises. Upon reaching the new neighbourhood, let your pet explore the area and claim their territory wherever they want in the house. Introducing the pet can take some time, but gradually they will get acquainted with it. Ask the neighbours about communities where your cat or dog can meet others of a similar kind. It will help them to settle down much better than any other way.

5. Monitor Behaviour

While moving with your pets, make sure to observe their behaviour while they’re adjusting. Look out for signs of stress or anxiety, like hiding, excessive meowing or barking changes in eating habits or differences in litter box usage.

5.1 Deal with any concerns

If you see any behaviour seek advice from a vet or animal expert, on how to handle it effectively.

5.2 Keep them engaged

Provide lots of physical activities for your pets to keep them busy and prevent boredom or destructive actions. Toys that engage them mentally and puzzle feeders can help keep them entertained.

Conclusion: Make the move easy for your pet

Your cat or dog may not be comfortable with the move at first. Since the surroundings have changed, they might be uneasy. You need to comfort your pet and create a safe space where they can easily enjoy freedom.

On top of that, you must make moving easy for your pet with the help of packers & movers services. Move their valuable belongings and give it to them as soon as you reach the place.

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