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A Complete Guide to Tipping Movers

A Complete Guide to Tipping Movers

It is a basic courtesy to tip to show your gratitude to the service providers. Be it, waiters at restaurants, hairstylists at hair salons, or moving professionals. While the first two occur regularly, dealing with movers and packers happens rarely. But they diligently pack fragile things, and heavy furniture to your relocated place with ease and care, making the moving process less stressful and hectic. To appreciate their efforts, customers oftentimes are in dilemma whether to pay tips or how much money should they pay as tips. Our professional team of movers makes the start of your new phase of life enjoyable and less tiring.

Factors to consider before tipping movers

  • Make sure to have your boxes labelled, packed, and sorted before movers arrive. If not, tip them extra for labelling the boxes and moving them into the right rooms smoothly and fast.
  • Be it a piping hot summer, raining cats and dogs, or a snowy winter season, our expert movers do their job effortlessly so paying tips is worth it.
  • Some companies provide both movers and packers. While tipping movers, make sure to tip packers as well as they ensure fragile articles, expensive furniture, and objects are moved safely.
  • If the movers are taking more time than anticipated to complete the task, you are not obligated to pay tips. But if they are putting in extra time and hard work, a handsome tip is expected from customers.
  • Taking multiple trips up and down the stairs to move heavy furniture requires muscle and smart maneuvering. Tip your movers who take away all these pains by putting in extra time and energy.
  • A 1000-square-foot residence weighs around 5000 pounds. This requires an enormous amount of heavy lifting for almost 12 hours. As movers put in additional time and effort, treat them by tipping them handsomely.

How much should you tip a mover?

The tip price always varies depending upon the size of your residence, duration and quality of your move, and obviously, the moving company you work with. The general rule is to tip 10-20% of the bill amount. Customers usually tip $20 to $50 per mover or 10%- 15% of how much the movers cost.

If your bill amount is $1000, tip $50-$100 and distribute the amount among the movers and packers. If some team members work efficiently and fast and some slack and do the job slowly, tip the efficient movers discreetly; while letting the moving company know about the slow movers.

The general rule is to pay $20-$25 per person for a half day’s work, and $40-$50 for a full day’s work per mover; you can add extra tips considering how many trips the movers are taking upstairs and downstairs moving heavy objects.

Best moving tips from movers

  • Hold yard sales to get rid of old clothes, kitchenware, old knick-knacks, backdated furniture, half-empty bottles, etc to earn money to provide for expenses. You can simply donate them to charity organizations or friends. What you don’t need, don’t pack.
  • Pack your important documents like insurance papers, wills, tax, passports, and other documents in clear, water-resistant bins to move them safer and to access them ASAP after relocating.
  • After knowing the date of relocation, book trucks and movers in four weeks advance to lessen the burden.
  • Take pictures of the back part of the TV, DVR, and gaming consoles before unplugging them as movers will simply move them to your new residence and you will have to replug them in place.
  • Keep a bag of must-haves like a phone charger, driving license, water, change of clothes, and medications; keep it with you at all times.
  • Pack, label, and box articles by rooms to save time and make moving a stress-free process.
  • Plastic wrap drawers and doors to prevent them from chipping or opening while moving so that you can move them safely while keeping the contents inside them safely. 


By hiring professional movers or moving companies, you can ensure your mental peace, the expensive or fragile objects, furniture remain intact, and settle things in your new place accordingly and on time.

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