What Size Moving Truck Do I Need for a 4 Bedroom House?


Moving a household or a business establishment can be a challenging task, and in most cases, you’ll need to hire a moving company. A movers and packers company can help you safely pack and move all your belongings. If you hire an experienced moving company, you can expect them to handle the entire move, including deciding which kind of truck will be most suitable to transport your goods. On the other hand, if you decide not to hire movers in Mississauga, you will need to make your own decision and ensure the moving day goes smoothly. Additionally, it may be difficult for you to predict exactly how much space your furniture, appliances, and other items will occupy.

Let us walk you through the entire process of estimating your moving truck size in detail.

Finding the Right Size Moving Truck

Oversized or undersized trucks aren’t just inconvenient—they pose a safety risk as well. When trucks are too small, they can’t be properly stacked and are more likely to damage belongings and cause injuries when loading and unloading. On the other hand, too-large trucks mean that things will be moving around in transit, which can lead to damage or injury. Making the right decision about the moving truck size for your relocation is an essential part of the process.


Make an inventory first

To find out what size moving truck you’ll need, start by getting a good idea of how much you need to move by consulting seasoned movers in Mississauga. The following factors should be considered:

  • What is the size of your house?
  • Spaces are used differently by different people. There are some people who fill every nook and cranny of their homes with items, but there are also others who use their space in a more minimalistic way. Therefore, taking an inventory of your household goods is your best bet, as you can easily gain an understanding of how many things need to be transported.
  • Relocation distance – Whether you are moving within the same city or to another city.

Different Sizes of Moving Trucks

Customers can usually choose between several different types of moving trucks. We’ve outlined generally available moving truck sizes for your relocation.

  • Pick-up trucks

In the case of moving only a few things (think: a twin mattress and a few boxes), a pick-up truck would suffice. Moving from or to a dorm room or a small studio is an ideal use for these storage containers.

  • Cargo van

A cargo van usually suffices for studio apartment movers with full- or queen-sized beds. Those moving a limited number of items will also find this to be the most fuel-efficient option, especially if they are moving locally.

  • Small trucks

It is best for anyone who is moving into or out of a studio apartment, small one-bedroom apartment, or university dorm. Renting a small truck from movers in Mississauga and making multiple trips might also be a good option if you’re moving nearby and worried about driving a large truck.

  • Medium Sized trucks

Movers who are moving out of apartments or small homes (one or two bedrooms) often choose medium-sized moving trucks, about 14 to 17 feet long. Among the most popular options for DIY moves, they can transport items both locally and nationally.

  • Large trucks

Generally, moving trucks for consumer moves are 20 to 26 feet long. They’re best for moving out of four-bedroom homes or bigger, or if you own a three-bedroom house with several possessions. Truck capacities and sizes can vary depending on the rental company. Ask about the cubic feet of space and the maximum weight of the truck when deciding what size moving truck you need or a 4 bedroom house moving cost.

Moving is stressful and can be expensive. Whether it’s a 4 bedroom house moving cost or shifting your office, moving can incur more expenses if you’ve not planned well and hire novice moving companies.

At No Problem Movers, we help you with affordable and complete residential or commercial shifting, packing everything you own in a logical manner and transporting it in a safe and organized way. Get a free moving quote from a renowned moving company in Mississauga and take advantage of our years of experience with happy customers.

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