Unpacking Services

We pack it up. We move it out. We set it up. Your move is our job!


Congratulations! You’ve had a successful move. Now it’s time to unpack. Not into it? No problem. If you’ve used our packing services, we’ll unpack for you so you can get back to normal life. Just give us some direction and a laid out plan and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll even take away the empty boxes and packing materials, leaving the space clutter-free.

If you or another company has done the moving, our unpacking service we’ll help to get you settled in. Any damaged or broken items prior to unpacking are the responsibility of the mover at this point, however, we take pride in offering you an efficient and professional unpacking service.

Tips before we unpack:

  1. Clean the floors, cupboards and shelving before the unpacking process.
  2. Provide our unpacking specialists with a floor plan of where items are to be placed and/or positioned.
  3. Labelled boxes should be placed into the appropriate rooms/areas (ie. kitchen, bathrooms, clothes closets, office, living room, printer/photocopier room, etc.).
  4. Essentials are the priority for unpacking first (ie. kitchen, computers, etc.).
  5. If moving residences, set up the bedroom(s) first. There’s nothing like a bed to flop into after a long and tedious move.
  6. Open all boxes/cartons prior to unpacking.