How to Unpack and Stay Organized When Moving to a New House

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Moving into a new hose can often be unnerving considering the logistics of packing your furniture, utensils and other stuff, then moving them to a new house and lastly, but certainly not the least, unpacking them.

A packing unpacking service can indeed be of help while moving, but considering the size of the task at hand, how do you do it? Here are a few tips that can help you get sorted.

Don’t Procrastinate. Don’t Delay

Assuming that you’ve already moved to the new house, you might already be reeling from the physical and mental demands of making a move. At such a time, people often tend to delay or procrastinate on their unpacking activities. The usual excuse would be to unpack on the weekends.

However, after a long work-week that might seem a mighty task to put off on the weekends.
So, get yourself organized and get on the job as soon as you move. If you can organize it based on your priorities, it won’t seem that big of a task.

Prioritize the Rooms

When selecting your priorities, start off with the rooms. Do not try to unpack the entire house in one go, since it will only end up being more confusing and ill-organized. Usually, kitchens are the first ones to be unpacked since that’s the most important room for your family’s daily functioning.

Bathrooms and living rooms come next, while the bedrooms are usually put at the bottom of the list, considering you only need to unpack the bed, a mattress, a sheet and a few cushions to hit the hay.

Unpack Larger Items First

Once the rooms are decided, now to move on to the micro-level focusing on how to unpack each room. The larger items or furniture need to be organized and put in their places first since that helps make room for rest of the stuff and also since it’s easier to unpack them.

Small utensils and articles have a way of getting lost in the chaos and can only add to the stress. Ones the larger items are taken care off, now you can get the smaller items settled in and around them.

Organize Essentials for Easier Unpacking

After a long day of unpacking, people are often tired, and at that point, all you’d want to do is order take out and get to sleep. During this time, it’s essential you have your toothbrush, night attire, slippers, personal hygiene kit and other essentials, right where you need them.

Packing them with all of the other general stuff might only make your settling in a bit more difficult, so it’s usually advisable to get your essentials packed separately and unpack them only when you need them.
More often than not, people are found drowning in the sea of their own stuff during a move, and at such times, an unpacking service often helps take a load off your chest.

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