Top Checklist of Office Moving Before Hiring Professional Movers

Moving your office space is a task in which a lot of planning, communication, and logistics involved. It involves planning for new layouts, relocating electronic equipment, setting up the new place and taking care that everything goes smoothly, because of the large scale of the move. Finding office movers in Toronto isn’t a tough job; giving them an exact plan is a challenge. Hence, before you hire movers, you shall need a checklist. Here it is.

Office Moving Checklist – Things to Take Care Of

The Floor Plan

This planning process should start months in advance. Since the new office space will be different from the current one, deciding on the floor plan should be the priority. Work out where the desks will go, or how the cubicles will be placed. Then decide about the placement of individual offices, conference rooms, break rooms, lavatories, exits, and social or communal spaces. You will need to ensure that the number of new desks, cubicles, and offices tallies with the total employees working in your company. Once these places are finalized, number them. Assign a number to every employee.

The Electricals

Moving offices means moving technology. All your electronic equipment, like PCs, printers, laptops, will be moving as well. Once the floor plan is confirmed, you will need to get on with the electrical layout. Placement of power points, lights, air conditioning, etc. It is probably best to collaborate with an architect for the same.

Researching for Movers

You should look for office movers based on your location, budget, and other requirements. For instance, some companies might be working only in certain parts of Toronto. Others office movers may be too expensive for you. Or may not be offering the exact services you need. Finding the right movers needs a little research and concrete knowledge of your requirements.

Important Communications

Ideally, a few weeks before the move, you should update all your employees with the exact address of the new office. Hand them over the numbers of their new desk or office. Give them important details such as where to park, which buses, trams, or metros will be the best, and the best routes to reach the office.

Packing Requirements

Tell your employees to pack everything with care. For example, laptops, chargers, stationery, desk adornments, and even coffee mugs or cookie jars should be taken by the respective owners. Ask them to be mindful of taking all their things. It’s a good practice to ask employees to start cataloging their belongings. This way, they are prepared with everything that’s to be taken before the move.

You will need to number all the equipment uniquely. A good way to sort out items such as cables, cartridges, coffee filters, etc. is to put them in individual bags and number them with the same unique code as their main item. For example, if the printer has been numbered PT12, then number the cartridges bag PT12 as well. This will help in unpacking subsidiary items and main equipment together.

Parting Thoughts

Once all these aspects are taken care of, you should hire movers to start the process. It’s always a safe option to hire office movers who are based in Toronto for a while and know their way around. Moving your office isn’t a big task if you break it down and make a plan. The plan should be reasonable, doable, and practical. This checklist can guide you along the way.

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