8 Things Remember while Hiring Packers and Movers for Relocation

Moving to a new address is exciting but packing stuff in a proper way and move them to the new address is a challenging task. Many times, we think we can mange this task on our own but various stuff like furniture, electronic appliances, etc. requires a helping hand. In such situations, qualified packers and movers can be of a great help to handle the relocation in the most professional way.

Let’s here identify a few qualities that we should look for when hiring a viable and effective packer and mover company. Once you learn these simple tips, your move will be cost-effective and will assure you a peace of mind.

packers and movers tips

Seek multiple companies
Talk to at least five best packers and movers about your moving requirements. Ask for the best options available in their services to move your stuff. Learn about how old they are and their experiences. By doing this you would have many options open to judge the best relocation company.

Always get Estimation
Most of the moving companies offer free quotes performing a quick check of your belongings. The team will further ask you detailed information of your requirements; like if you want to move all items or leave any behind. It’s good to be prepared what items you would want to take with you to your new destination. Ask them to provide a written quote. Avoid taking information verbally or on telephone because there can be chances of getting fake promises.

A detailed billing
After getting your quotation ask for a detailing billing. At the same time choose the services that you would need in your shifting. There are many factors involved in moving – like packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking, etc. Let’s talk about the packing charges – like if you have any delicate items ask for extra protection and share the details in advance. Also ask if they have any tax issue so that the company doesn’t surprise you with hidden charges while paying the bills. Always double check about the prices mentioned and asks any minor question you have about the charges. At any point if the company is charging low prices compared to the other packers and movers company ask them why they are offering services at that price. Make sure you get a satisfactory answer about it because quality matter in relocation services.

Avoid Contract
Never agree for any contract or sign any blank documents about relocation. Ask them for an explanation about what is writing in the documents and it’s good to read the full documents that are provided by them before signing. Sometimes the company can add extra fee, which is not listed in the billing but you agreed on the papers. Always read the documents carefully and check for your requirements if they are correctly filled – like delivery dates, delivery address, pick up dates and more.

Check for the payments options available with the packers and movers company. Ask when the payments should be made for the services. Avoid paying large amount in advance and it is always advised to pay upon the delivery. If you’re paying any money in advance ask them for a sealed proof of it. Paying full amount before delivery, you might not get full/any control our the services or your belongings.

Always insist to make payments through bank; by this you will have legal proof of the payments you’ve made to the packers and movers company. It will also help you in reimbursement from the company in case of any damage to your stuff.

Ask for POC (Point of contact)
Ask for some person in charge’s contact information. So, you can contact the company if the staff fails to reach the location on time or any delay you sense about your service. In any situation, if the staff doesn’t support customer requirements you can report the problem to their manger that can then resolve your issue smoothly without hiccups. Also, check if packers and movers company offer 24*7 customer support if you are moving long distances since it is always good to have people who can ask your query at any given point.

Insurance plays a major role in relocation services because when moving, there are chances of accidental damages to your valuables. This rarely happens but it’s good to be insured; so that, you can claim a refund for the damage that has happened to your belongings. For long distances moving it’s specifically important to take insurance services.

Moreover, collect all required paperwork you might need for the move. Incomplete paperwork might not pass your insurance and this could further result into a great loss.

Online Reviews and presence

In today’s digital world, almost every company has a website to grow their online presence. It’s good to visit their website and check their online reviews and customer feedback. By this we can get a fair idea about what people say about their services and what kind of feedback they have received from their clients.

The company’s website can get you to their branches and services they offer in other states. Many of the packer and mover companies provide online tracking portal where you can track your consignments via the company’s website.

You don’t need to spend days on researching about a company but a few minutes of research will definitely give you a clear picture of what the company promises and what they deliver.

By using the above ideas you can be sure that the packing and moving company you choose to move will provide you a hassle free service. Because you’re shifting your valuables and you need be confident about the services you are paying for.

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