Top 10 Household Moving Do’s and Don’ts


Moving your household can be a stressful activity. It would be best if you plan which things go in which box to avoid making moving and storage a hassle. Whether you are moving to a new neighbourhood or in another city, having a moving house checklist can save from a lot of trouble.

Top Do’s and Don’ts for moving and storage

This moving house checklist is designed to help you remodel your house by swiftly moving your stuff from one place to another. Whether you search Google for “moving companies near me” or whether you decide to do it on your own, these do’s and don’ts will make your move really easy.

10 Do’s for Household Moving

1. Plan beforehand

Having a moving house checklist beforehand is the best way to avoid mismanagement and disorder. A moving plan will allow you to prioritize the packing of stuff based on your moving timeline. It will also help you identify which things are essential to pack and what you can leave behind.

2. Label everything

Professional movers in Mississauga suggest that you label everything separately. You can label things based on their category(kitchen supplies) or broadly like things you will sell, things you will donate etc.

3. Evaluate moving options

Before moving, decide whether you want to make that “moving companies near me” search or do it yourself. Evaluate the moving distance and the amount of things you have. If you have heavy stuff for faraway relocation, hiring professional movers is the best option.

4. Get estimates

It is a good practice to get an estimate of how much it will cost you to move. Based on that, you can decide if hiring a truck or trailer is feasible for you or not. Sometimes, hiring a moving and storage company is extremely affordable.

5. Hire after comparison

You must get quotes from several different companies and make a comparison. Hire a company with proper licensing and insurance options if you have a lot of fragile stuff to move. Read reviews about them or get references from people you know.

6. Eliminate the unnecessary

Once you hire the movers, you need to start packing. But before that, eliminate all the unnecessary stuff that you won’t be needing anymore. Hold a garage sale or donate the things to someone in need.

7. Organize packing

For proper moving and storage of your things, pack your heavy items in small boxes and light items in big cardboard boxes. Fragile items should be packed in extra strong boxes which have double layers to avoid any breakage.

8. Have an essential box

When you move to a new household, unpacking and organizing the stuff can take some time. Have an essential box with all the vital items you will need before unpacking. It will reduce the frustration of finding the important things you require before everything is unpacked.

9. Inspect the moving truck

Before the movers in Mississauga load the truck with all your stuff, conduct a thorough inspection of the truck. Be sure that it’s empty. Ask the movers to keep everything as per your moving house checklist of the items.

10. Move early

Don’t spend too much time planning your move. Choose the right company after a quick search for “moving companies near me”. Book your move early in the morning when the traffic is less, and you can get quickly to the new location.

10 Don’ts for Household Moving

1. Avoid buying packaging

Your movers will provide you with complete packaging material and boxes at a discounted price. Some companies even include them free of charge in their moving cost. Don’t buy your packing material.

2. Packing valuables

Don’t pack valuable items like jewellery, collection of china plates, or hind-end hunting knives. Even though you can trust the movers in Mississauga, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

3. Immediate booking

You must never assume that the moving and storage company will be at your doorstep as soon as you book them. Always book at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance so that you can get access to them when you need it.

4. Selection on price

Avoid selecting a moving company based on just the price. Cheap movers sometimes don’t care about the condition of your items. Hire the best movers based on their promise of delivery. Consider their knowledge and skills in moving before you hire.

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5. Unorganized packing

Never start packing without a moving house checklist or else it will eat up a lot of your precious time. Plan in advance what items go where and how you are going to pack them. It will save you huge on last-minute packing.

6. Unfriendly behaviour

Movers need to pay a lot of attention while packing and moving stuff. Don’t bother them or be unfriendly towards them because they are doing all the heavy lifting.

7. Avoid procrastination

Don’t avoid packing, thinking that you have a lot of time. Avoid procrastination in packing at all costs because the movers in Mississauga will be there before you even know it. Pack a little every day and get it done as soon as possible.

8. Don’t pack hazardous things

Don’t pack everything. Leave those items that you don’t need anymore. Never pack items that are not allowed to transport like flammable or hazardous items.

9. Don’t hire

If you have only a few things to move, avoid hiring a professional moving and storage company. It will save you a lot of money.

10. Safety and security

Ensure the complete safety of your items by having a discussion with the moving company. You don’t want anything to break while transportation to your new neighbourhood.

Moving is a big decision, and you can’t make it on a whim. You have to carefully analyze your items before making a move. Having a moving house checklist is an excellent way to start moving your things. It will keep your things organized and allow you to move safely. Consider hiring professional movers in Mississauga if you want complete safety while moving.

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