TIPS for an Office/Warehouse Move

Pile Of Brown Cardboard Boxes At Warehouse Of Market

Filing Cabinets:

Conventional or two-drawer filing cabinets can be moved with non-breakable contents inside. Note: During transit, the added weight may cause the rails to shift inside the cabinet.Contents of 4-drawer, lateral, or wall filing cabinets must be removed and properly packed.

Computers and specialized equipment:

Your IT specialists typically like to handle prepping all equipment for the move including disconnection and will also do the setup at the new office location. If you require us to do this service, we have specialists ready to get the job done.


Prepare a floor plan of your new premises. That floor plan allows the moving specialist to structure a game plan for the move with a colour-coded labelling system.

Labelling tips:

  • Office desks, credenzas and other office-related furniture–place on the far right corner, marking all components of the furniture which may become separated during the move.
  • Chairs–at the top on the back, on the arm rest and on chair cushions.
  • Filing cabinets–On the front of the top drawer and on all sections. Rows should be labelled consecutively to avoid re-handling. We’ll show you how to label the cabinets numerically.
  • Bookcases–on the upper front surface


  • We provide experienced packers available on a time plus materials rate.
  • We can purchase and deliver cartons, tape & bubble.
  • Stationery & supplies stored in cabinets must be packed.
  • The bottom of each moving box must be properly taped.
  • Fill moving boxes & moving bins to the top. Secure and label the moving boxes with tape and secure the moving bins with bin ties as they come equipped with lids. Do not over-fill the stackable moving boxes or moving bins.
  • Take down pictures &mirrors &lean against the walls. Additional costs will be applied for using special cartons to transport them safely.

General Suggestions:

  • Arrange with your property manager for uninterrupted elevator service at your current and new location. We’ll advise you on elevator requirements.
  • Designate one or two employees to maintain proper liaison with our move supervisor.
  • Remove employee cars & company vehicles from loading & unloading zones.


To maintain a safe and smooth move, empty drawers & place the contents in a box or moving bins. Wrap breakables in paper before packing into boxes or moving bins. Gather small items (ie. pins, paper clips, etc.) in an envelope. Bundle papers, pens& other loose items together with an elastic band.


Pack all books, papers & breakables into boxes or bins prior to the move.

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