Know About the Risks Associated with a Moving Broker

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A long-distance move becomes very easy if you make proper preparation on time, though it is no less than a challenge for the first-time mover. Well, today the internet has made everything simple for everyone but relying on it completely is not a very safe option for you.

Before you begin your search for a long-distance moving company in Toronto on Google, you’ll come across a number of moving experts.

When you get calls from these moving experts you must know whether you are talking to a mover or just a moving broker before sharing the details of your requirements. To avoid confusion you need to know the difference between a moving professional and a broker.


Moving brokers are not movers they play the role of a bridge between you and a mover. They neither hold a proper license of moving nor own any truck to move your belongings from one place to another. On the other hand, a mover is a licensed professional who takes care of your entire moving project from A to Z.

While finalizing a mover you are strongly advised to enquire the company whether they are a professional mover or a moving broker. If it turns out to be a moving broker with who you are dealing, then you should know about the risks associated with depending on a broker for moving services.

1. Dealing with an unlicensed company

When it comes to long-distance moving service, hiring an unlicensed mover can invite troubles for you. This is because most of the time unlicensed movers do not match up to the industry standards.

Moreover, they do not necessarily stick to the CAM standards or CAM code of ethics for moving companies. The problem increases in case of damage during the move.

2. Zero opportunity of scrutinizing the company

Acquiring information about the mover you have decided to finalize is crucial especially if you are moving long distances in Canada. Brokers often try to negate the opportunity to examine your mover as you are clueless about their identity.

This is because brokers always try to hand over your project to a local mover to reduce service cost, if you had the opportunity to make proper inquiries about the mover you probably would have rejected him or that company.
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3. The estimated cost might differ from the final cost

Your broker might quote you a price at the time of signing the deal, but they do not have the right to enforce that upon their local vendor. The cost inevitably rises after loading your furniture. You might also have to pay an additional cost for time, effort, and stress.

4. Lack of responsibility

As moving brokers work as middlemen they do not have control over the movers themselves, if any damage occurs. They basically have no role to play apart from finding you a mover.

When moving a long distance in Toronto you need to keep certain things in mind to ensure that you are using a moving company instead of a moving broker

  • Check the website of the Canadian Association of moving
  • Check Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see ratings and feedbacks of moving companies
  • Check whether the moving company is associated with the national van line
  • Search their address on Google

Though a low price sounds tempting you need to be prepared for the challenges that come with it. That is why making proper research on your moving company is essential to make your long-distance moving project successful. Don’t forget to consider the above-mentioned points before typing “long-distance moving service near me” on Google.

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