Questions to Ask When Hiring Movers for Your Long Distance Move

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Moving to a new home or office may be a familiar experience for most people, but even if you are familiar with moving, you may still remember the stress involved. Stress is even more pronounced when the move requires long distance travel. This is why choosing the right long distance moving services is essential to reducing your stress and giving you peace of mind. While there are many important tips you should consider before hiring movers, there are a few questions that you certainly cannot forget to ask. Here are some of the most important questions you need to ask your movers before signing the contract.

Ask Questions about Additional Costs

If you are moving to a completely different area, you may be wondering about the expenses involved in your long distance move. Be sure to ask your movers questions about additional costs. You can start creating a budget that meets your needs and discuss it with the movers. If you are moving your workplace, you may be granted an allowance from your employer. If you are moving homes, you may not have that privilege. Asking questions about additional costs will prevent you from being charged unexpected fees on your bill.

Ask about Moving Insurance

Making sure your home, belongings, and the company’s employees are insured is an important aspect you need to consider when choosing the right moving company. When asking about moving insurance coverage, be specific. Find out how much they are insured for, how much the deductible is, and if they have had any claims filed against them recently. With a fully insured company, you can guarantee that the employees are professional.

What Services Are Included with the Package?

It is also important to find out what services you are getting with the package you pay for. Does your moving service provide packing, protection, storage, staging, and moving vehicles? Do they provide special moving arrangements for expensive and large items? Find out exactly what you’re getting before you settle on a moving company.

How Much Time Will the Entire Process Take?

Part of planning ahead is knowing how long and how much the entire moving time and cost will be. If your office move is going to take several weeks, you may need to make special arrangements to work remotely. If your residential move is only going to take a few days, then you know it will not be too inconvenient. Asking these questions before settling on a moving company will be beneficial to you, and help the movers understand the standard and quality of service you are seeking.

Long Distance Moving Services for You

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