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Moving into a new house or just downsizing, can be stressful for anyone. But, it can be especially difficult for seniors. That’s why professional senior downsizing services with the required expertise to aid such a move are generally preferred. They understand that a senior can feel left out in times of such a change. As a result, there’s special care taken to make them feel involved.

However, such tasks are often monumental, and the only way of doing it right is if you stay ahead of the curve. So, here are 10 tips to help seniors move that are usually followed by senior downsizing services.

#10 Plan the Move to a New Home
The first step is the most necessary component of any move – planning. Ensure to plan the move early on. Everything from when you want to start packing, what items you would need for the new house, the route to the new destination to the change of address intimation.

#9 Create a Layout of the New Home
Seniors are often resistant to change. They are used to a certain layout of their existing home. Most of them have probably spent a lot of years living in the same home. As a result, a new house and a new layout can be stressful for them. Especially, since seniors tend to be forgetful. That’s why; you need to create a layout of the new home beforehand. You can handover the layout to the senior after the move, so that they are aware of where everything is and how they need to navigate the new space.

#8 Create Tasks
There are a lot of considerations that comes into play when moving seniors. It’s easier to keep track of all those things, if you break down the move into small and simple tasks. For example, before the actual packing takes place, items need to de-cluttered and taken out of storage. To start off, keep aside one day per room. Start with the storeroom or the bedroom and end with the kitchen.

#7 Hold an Auction
Whether you are moving or plain and simple downsizing, there are always things that are outdated, broken or simply things that the senior does not have any use for. Segregate these items and hold an auction so that you can recoup some of your money. It’s a great way of making some space and helping others.

#6 Take Pictures of Existing Home
Since seniors usually spend most of their life at a single place, it’s destabilizing for them to change the environment. To help them ease into their new surroundings, take pictures of your existing home, area and neighborhood (especially if you are moving far away), so that he/she can always feel close to them.

#5 Itemize the Particulars
In order to ensure that every essential belonging moves to the new home and remains traceable, you need to catalogue all the belongings. After you empty out each room, take pictures of the items and create a list. Make a list in a way that it’s easier to trace which room and closet it should go to.

#4 Be Kind to Their Memories
While there will always be a ton of stuff from decades ago that are no longer useful, there are something which has more sentimental value. It’s best not to ask them to part with such belongings and rather let them keep it.

#3 Hire a Mover
Now, that all the items have been prioritized and catalogue, it’s time to bring in professional senior downsizing services. While you can pack the stuff on your own, it’s extremely time consuming and arranging the packaging needs expert help. Bringing in senior relocation services can only help.

#2 Update the Change of Address
Once the date for the move is finalized and the belongings are packed, it’s time to intimate bank and other relevant authorities regarding the change of address. This is important especially since seniors cannot always run these errands themselves. Additionally, there are important notifications, mailers and health-related issues that they need to remain aware about.

#1 Pack the Essentials
Finally, it’s D-Day. Keep the personal essentials close by so that they do not need to unpack the entire house to find a toothbrush or the razor. Once packed, it’s time to move.

Always remember that moving or downsizing isn’t easy. Senior downsizing services ensure utmost care and preparation for such a move using experienced personnel and task-based expertise. They take time and consideration for their sentiment. Ensure proper care and planning in such cases.

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