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shrink+wrapping+torontoProper packing is a must. And minimizing the potential for damage during a move is a priority. We use high-quality packing supplies to wrap, protect, and safeguard your valuables, including thick blankets to wrap furniture and appliances.

We can provide you with crates, wrapping paper, skids, pallets, vacuum packaging, shrink wrap, corrugated boxes, and other items to do some self-packing or allow us to professionally pack it all for you.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to ensure the safety and protection of valuables.

  1. Plates and Flat China: Wrap each piece individually then together before standing them up in a container. Secure with crumpled paper and cardboard dividers. Wrap bowls the same way and stack horizontally.
  2. Lamps: Remove shade, bulb, and harp assembly. Double wrap the bulb and harp assembly. Pack glass lampshades/chandeliers in sturdy crates.
  3. Glassware and Crystal: Individually wrap each piece, secure with crumpled paper, and place inside a carton containing cardboard dividers.
  4. Food: Tape shut dry boxed foods and jars. Never pack perishable items, aerosol kitchen products, or frozen food. Pack cans/jars in smaller cartons.
  5. Clothing: Leave in sturdy dressers, pack into suitcases or fold and place into wardrobe cartons.
  6. Mirrors/Glass Table Tops/Pictures/Paintings: Use special cartons and/or professional crating assistance for oversized or heavy items (ie. tabletops).
  7. Flowers and Plants: Live plants and potted flowers will not survive a long-distance move. For local moves, wrap clear plastic around plants/flowers.
  8. Books: Pack in small boxes with open edges alternating with the bindings.
  9. Draperies and Curtains: Use wardrobe cartons—ideal for hanging curtains and drapes or fold them and pack in clean-lined cartons.
  10. Bedding: Cover mattresses with bed covers to prevent damage.
  11. Small Appliances: Individually wrap clocks, radios, and other small appliances and secure with crumpled paper, rags, or linens.
  12. Washing Machines: Disconnect hoses and wrap the metal couplings with cloth or paper to avoid damage to the tub’s surface. Tape the electric cord to the back.
  13. Electronics and Clocks: Re-pack into the original manufacturers packaging with styrofoam inserts or wrap well and place into medium cartons. Consoles and large screen TVs will be moved as furniture. Computers and grandfather clocks require special pre-move preparation. Disconnect and drain icemakers in advance.
  14. Tools: Power tools containing gasoline or oil should be drained before moving. Bundle long-handled tools. Wrap and pack hand tools.

General Moving Tips:

  • Seal box bottoms well
  • Pack one room at a time
  • Mark all boxes with numbers and brief content descriptions
  • Label high-value and fragile items
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom of the boxes (max 50 lbs weight)

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