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Handling a commercial move skillfully requires organizational abilities. Being organized saves a lot of time which is extremely important when it comes to business moves. Time is a crucial factor in commercial move because a time-consuming commercial move can cause business disruption. An entire episode of Office moving involves a series of tasks and processes that go through proper planning and implementation. The biggest challenge is to safely pack, transport and unpack office equipment including heavy furniture, appliances, IT infrastructure etc.

In this article, we have come up with an ultimate checklist to organize a commercial move successfully to help you out in your office relocation project.

1. Create a shared moving folder

The first step that needs to be taken to stay organized is to create a folder where you can store, quotes, spreadsheets, timelines, budget details and other important documents related to your move. Assembling all these important documents in a place will make it easy for you to maintain a smooth communication flow and update the progress.

2. Notify your employees

It is better to engage your employees from the very first step of your commercial relocation project. Instead of sending emails to inform them about the project initiate a face to face meeting. You can discuss about the upcoming project and give them the necessary details about it.

3. Assess your office inventory

Keep a record of all your office belongings like equipment, furniture and other important things. Then make a solid plan for each of them and filter things based on their usefulness. Then decide which things you want to move and which are the things you want to get rid of.

4. Hire a moving company

Hiring a moving company can reduce your stress to a great extent. However, you need to find an efficient moving company to initiate your commercial move. Here are the things that you should consider before hiring a professional moving company.

  • Experience
  • License and other valid documents
  • Reputation
  • Responsiveness
  • Comprehensive estimates

5. Notify your clients and business partner

Moving your office means a change of your office address and that is why it is crucial for you to inform your clients and business partner about it. So that you can send them notices about it at least 3 weeks before your expected date of relocation.

6. Update your business address and contact

Do not forget to update your business address and other important contact information on your website, business cards, stationary and online profiles.

I hope that this above-mentioned checklist will help you ensure that you do not overlook even a small step of the process. Commercial moving can be challenging but hiring an efficient and experienced moving company can help you a lot in this process. If you are searching for a commercial mover to relocate your office without hassle, you must contact No Problem Movers to initiate your move. Having a partner like Noproblemmovers, your business relocation becomes easy without causing any disruption to your regular business flow.

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