Moving Tips: Four Ways to Make Moving Easier with Kids

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Planning a big move when you have children is a difficult task, especially if you plan to move far away. Your kids can feel scared, lost, and uncertain about the move and may not want to leave their current neighbourhood. But with the right understanding of child psychology, you can help your kids cope with moving much better. Here are four ways to make the move easier for you and your little ones.

Discuss the Move with Your Kids

As a parent, you might not feel the need to ask your children’s permission to move, but it is important to discuss the decision with them. Talk and listen to them by asking what they are excited for and what they are going to miss. If they have any concerns, seek ways to address and resolve them. Ask questions like “What do you think we should do about that? How about we try this instead…”

Get Them Involved in the Moving Process

A good house moving tip is to involve your kids in the process. You can include them in the trip plans by sitting down with a map and drawing the pathway you plan to take to the new house. Your kids can be in charge of planning the transition too—encourage them to pack their own items, organize them in boxes and suitcases, and put fun stickers or colour codes to keep track of which items belong in which boxes.

Help Them Adjust to the New Home

Moving to a new location, with a new school, and new people can be scary for kids. To help kids cope with moving, make sure they know they can always stay in touch and visit their friends (depending on how far you plan to move). You can arrange weekly video chats with your kids and their friends about the move, so they feel comforted. You can even arrange a going away barbeque or a housewarming party so they can get to see all of their friends at once and share some exciting things about the new home. Plus, it’s a good way of helping your friends’ parents get familiar with your location for future hangouts.

Another way to adjust to a new home is to help you children “nest.” Allow them to walk through the house before the move, choose their own bedroom, paint their room with colours of their choosing, and play with their imaginations. Doing this can get your children excited about the possibilities of this new space and how they can make it their own. Ask questions like, “Where will your stuffed animals go? Where will the bed go?”

Organize Your Child’s Belongings First

Before you move, talk about where your children’s possessions (toys, games, etc.) will be in the new house. This should be done long after you have already decluttered, cleaned out the closet and thrown away unwanted or unused clothes and toys. Try not to clean up and pack while talking about the move with your children, as they may associate loss with the move. Understanding child psychology can help you through this transition, which may be easy for you but very difficult for your kids.

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