What You Need to Know About Moving During COVID-19

moving during covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is something that our generation is witnessing for the first time. Almost the entire world including the powerful countries like the USA is struggling to win the battle against this disease and that too without a proper vaccine. It has not only affected the health of millions but also restricted the freedom of movement of the common people, their jobs, lives and of course the global economy. The worst part about this is that it is showing no signs of leaving the earth soon. But like we always say life goes on and at least some kind of normality needs to be maintained.

Moving during the COVID 19 crisis? Here is everything you need to know

Even after the long duration of lockdowns, restrictions on free movements, there are people who need to move for some unavoidable reasons. If you are also one of them, who has no option but to move during this time, do not stress yourself much, go through the article to make the journey easy.

The first question that comes to the mind if you are planning to move amid the crisis is that whether moving companies are still operating or not. The moving or relocation services fall under the category of essential services which is why moving companies are allowed to continue with their residential moving services but of course they need to follow the guidelines and social distancing norms mentioned by the Government.

Is it safe to move during the pandemic?

Moving during the pandemic is safe only if you follow the safety guidelines strictly. Although it is recommended for you to postpone your relocation program as long as you can but if you do not have that option make sure that you abide by the rules mentioned by the government to ensure your safety.

Usually, movers are considered to have low-risk levels for the transmission. Moving companies are now handling only one or two clients per day and strictly maintaining social distancing norms.

Precautions that residential movers Mississauga are taking during this time

Every moving company is trying their best to offer its clients safe and healthy moves. They are following certain precautionary measures to reduce the risk of transmission which are mentioned below.

  • Using an alternative way to greet clients instead of headshake
  • Maintaining hygiene by regularly washing and sanitizing hands
  • Offering virtual estimates instead of meeting in person
  • Social distancing
  • Wearing gloves and using sanitizers on regular intervals to keep hands clean

Besides these above mentioned steps there are some other ways that moving companies are trying to keep their clients safe.

  • Using virtual video surveys instead of meeting in person to discuss about clients’ storage and moving requirements
  • Initiating a wellness check up for both customers and movers before the move
  • Increasing sanitization and housekeeping works for both moving office and warehouses which includes disinfecting keyboards, countertops, door handles etc.
  • Making changes in staff scheduling

What kind of preparations you need to make before the move during the pandemic?

To ensure nearly 100% safety during the move both you and your mover should make arrangements. We have already discussed about measures that moving companies take for safety purposes, now let’s have a look at the ways you can make arrangements for a safe move.

  • Use new cardboard boxes instead of the recycled ones
  • Offer sanitizers, disinfectants to your movers
  • Practice safe hygiene measures like frequently washing hands, avoid touching face and mouth
  • Follow social distancing norms

The COVID 19 crisis has given birth to a sense of fear amongst the people across the world but life never stops for anything. Even at this time people are relocating and movers are trying their best to decrease the risk of transmission. So do not stress yourself too much just because you need to move to a new location. Follow the above mentioned tips to keep your moving journey transmission free and healthy.

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