Long Distance Moving

Moving is generally considered a hassle, and when it comes to long-distance moving, people are most afraid of how they are going to do it. While moving is a highly personal experience, people are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work they have to do during the move. Therefore, it is important to have a professional do the work for you.

What is a Long Distance Moving?

Most long-distance moves are focused on moving from one state to another. They are sometimes known as interstate moves as well. Moving from a city to a different one in the same state can also be termed as a long-distance move. These generally involve moving between places that have a distance which equates to moving interstate moves. Therefore, an expert moving company is required to carry out the work. Sometimes, there are international moves as well, but for that purpose, agencies require partnerships with international long-distance movers.

Hire the right long distance mover

As one of the best movers in Canada, we ensure that you have access to the best experts in long-distance moving. We are known across the country as one of the most trusted long-distance moving companies in Canada. We provide complete packing and unpacking, car shipping, house cleaning, debris cleaning, and storage services to ensure you have the perfect moving experience. Our team of professionals takes care of everything and reduces the stress of moving items for interstate travel.

We pack it up. We move it out. We set it up. Your move is our job!

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Long-distance moving types

There are different types of moving when it comes to long-distance moving services. We provide different packages to move your home or office from one place to another. Our offerings include – small moves for moving a few items from one state to another, residential moves for completely moving your home furniture and everything else to another place, international moves to over 150 countries of the world, and corporate moves for relocation managers who want to be expedited moving services for their organization.

Long Distance Moving Companies in Canada

We are one of the best long-distance moving companies in Canada, providing the best services to you. We provide you the necessary supplies and create a comprehensive plan that ensures a smooth move for you and your family. Our team takes care of all the moving with their years of experience and expertise in goods & transportation.

When you search for “long distance movers near me,” we are one of the top results that appear due to our excellent services and affordable prices. So whether you are 100 miles apart or 800, we will ensure that all the items are moved carefully and without any hassle.

Our comprehensive moving process is focused on delivering the best to you. We disassemble and reassemble the furniture, make a plan, provide the complete packaging, and take care of all the paperwork essential for a long-distance move.

We will reduce the stress from moving by providing everything at your doorstep. Whatever you don’t understand, our team will guide you through the entire process and help you to understand the different terminologies that could confuse you while moving.

Expedited Long Distance Moving Services

Take advantage of our expedited long distance movers and ensure that your stuff reaches on time. There’s no wait time for moving from one state to another. Wherever you are, we pack and take your stuff to the destination. We provide expedited long-distance moving services to ensure that your goods reach at the same time as you do. Faster deliveries are our expertise, and most clients trust us for our early movement of goods and items.

When the stuff can’t reach the same day, we provide you with an expected date of arrival, which is not far from your arrival. Our team delivers the items at or before the estimated time period. We provide a dedicated truck or storage container to you, which contains only your belongings and nothing else. It reduces the chances of your items getting mixed with others on the truck, leading to better storage and zero confusion about where your things are.

To learn more about our long-distance moving services, contact No Problem Movers or Call +1-877-213-0202 to start your free moving quote. Our movers are happy to answer your questions and schedule a complimentary consultation.

Our customers tell us we’re one of the most reliable long-distance moving companies in Canada. We take pride in that. After all, someone has to take control of a very specialized situation. We transport professional and personal belongings and household goods, as well as relocate corporate office employees. We also transport used or new office and restaurant equipment, commercial goods, and antiques.

Our moving specialists are bonded, fully licensed, insured, service-oriented, professional, and trustworthy. NPM Van Lines is a division of No Problem Movers, specializing in long-distance moves across Canada and the U.S. Our comprehensive services begin with providing a free estimate and then developing a day-by-day plan coordinated by our moving specialists.

Important facts about long-distance moves:

  1. A long-distance move is greater than 100 kilometres from the origin and/or a move that crosses a state or provincial line.
  2. The cost of a long distance move is determined by the weight of your shipment. NPM Van Lines uses government-regulated scaling stations to determine the exact weight.
  3. Our services cover Canada and the East/West Coast of the U.S.
  4. We offer secured and climate-controlled storage services for clients relocating from one city to another, that are located in Toronto, Mississauga, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver. Storage fees apply and are gauged according to the shipment weight and how much space is required to store the goods.
  5. When using NPM Van Lines as your long-distance mover, you are provided tips on packing and loading, paperwork, and a detailed explanation of the relocation process.

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Long Distance Moving FAQ

Yes, we provide complete door-to-door moving services to ensure that you don’t have to go through the hassle of doing anything. Our team packers the stuff from the place of origin and unpacks at the destination without any interference during transit.

Yes, we protect your furniture and carpets when it rains. All the things are kept securely in the truck, which is covered with strong packaging from the outside as well during the monsoon season. You don’t have to worry about getting the stuff drenched in water.

Long distance movers, Canada, recommend that you should schedule your move as soon as possible. It will help you get good discounts and quick movement of items from one place to another. You will also save last minute worries by planning in advance.

As one of the best professional long distance moving companies, we provide complete packaging of all the items at the source. Our team brings all the packaging and safely packs every piece of furniture and item that will be moved to the destination, along with proper labels.

We are a trusted long distance moving company that has fulfilled the moving needs of hundreds of clients across the globe. There’s no need for you to be present while moving as our company takes care of everything. However, if you wish, you can be available to review and check on the items.

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