How to get rid of unwanted items while moving


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One biggest concern of a moving project is asset management. If you have spent more than five years in the same place, chances are that you have accumulated a lot of things at your house that are not even in use anymore.  But at the time of moving you need to make a decision regarding these belongings. Well, you could say that you are emotionally attached to a few of such items and this is one of the common reasons which is responsible for such accumulation.

It remains perfectly fine until the situation comes when you are forced to move. In a situation like that you need to filter your belongings to simplify your shifting experience. It is undoubtedly stressful to decide what to take and what to leave behind. Here, the fact is if you spend a little time on eliminating dead weight before the move, settling into a completely new place will be easier for you.

Check out the ways to get rid of those unwanted items, which have no use apart from increasing your burden during the move.

  • Give yourself time

Making the decision on which items to be taken along and which should be left behind, takes time. So do not wait until the day before the mover starts their work, to decide. You should start planning for this at least two weeks prior to the final move. If you work in smaller chunks you would not feel the burden of doing it at that time.

  • Dine in

It is a fact that food consumes a lot of space and in most of the cases gets lost in the moving shuffle. You should eat up the food that is not shelf stable, sealed or a specialty item, weeks before your move. Keeping in your mind the perishable food in your freezer you can also organize a pantry dinner party for your friends and family.

  • Eliminate low quality furniture

If you have ordinary furniture at your house, it is high time you should get rid of them. This is because such furniture has higher tendencies of getting damaged during the move. You can simply pass it on to your relatives who can utilize them or you can also donate them in a local donation centre.

  • Look for expiry dates

Before starting your packing operation do not forget to check the expiry dates of the items you possess in your bathroom. Spices in your kitchen also do not last for more than 6 months, so you need to think and recall the time when you have bought it. Make up items should also be taken into consideration in this regard.

  • Clean up your closet

Anything that has only consumed space in your closet and does not fit or is not in use anymore should be placed into the donation box. You can also organize a garage sale to make extra cash.

These above mentioned tips will help you get rid of unwanted household items while moving in Canada. This will not only lessen your burden but also save your money by eliminating the moving cost.

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