Choosing an Authentic Moving Company- Factors to Consider

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In an era where connectivity has improved by leaps and bounds, moving from one place to another has become a lot easier. However, moving, quite literally, comes with a lot of baggage. Be it furniture or personal items, all such articles need to be packed and transported safely over long distances. All of this can be unmanageable for an individual. This is where moving companies come into the picture. They can make carrying out this task easier for you.

But, a simple Google search for cheap movers in Toronto yields a multitude of varied results. You may find some companies which claim to offer you the cheapest possible rates and some which boast of a quick turnaround time.

With so many options available at the click of a single button, how do you decide which one to choose? Which one is speaking the truth and which one is taking you for a ride? In other words, which measures should you take in order to avoid frauds?

Do you often find yourself wondering, “How to choose the best moving company?” If so, here are a few things you must consider before hiring a moving company to do your job.

Check the Website
Go to the company’s website and check what it contains. Ideally, it should have a complete description of the services being provided along with the company’s history, contact information, and reviews. Do not let yourself be deceived by blogs and testimonials. These could be fake. Also, check if the company’s location is visible on Google maps. A genuine company will want to be found.

Is the Company Listed?
Verify if the company is listed on the local/national stock exchange. Company listing is a clear proof of its authenticity. However, bear in mind that all companies might not be involved in public trading of shares. Therefore, even if a company isn’t listed, it could still be legitimate. In this case, check if the company is registered with watchdog organizations. You can access its license, complaint history, and insurance records from here.

Verify the Rates
Are the rates being offered too good to be true? If they are, the company is probably illegitimate. Most companies offer moving services in Toronto at pretty affordable prices. These range from $60 to $80 per hour for short distances and $1200 to $5000 for long distances. These rates are determined as per the industry standards. If the estimate being offered to you is significantly low, the company might be trying to mislead you with hidden costs.

Look for Paperwork
Currently, regulations require that authentic moving companies provide you with several types of paperwork. These include an order for service, an inventory list, weight tickets, a bill of lading, and a freight bill. Read these documents properly before signing them. Also, ask the company about its insurance policy. Its claims coverage should be exhaustive. Though you will be asked to pay a small amount of security deposit when the paperwork changes hands, make sure that the company doesn’t demand anything more than 10% of the total cost at this stage.

Are the Services Professional?
When someone from the company comes to your house to get the first estimate, check if their behavior is professional. Are the representatives of the moving company just browsing through your house or are they genuinely calculating the moving cost? Most genuine moving services in Toronto, proudly advertise themselves by branding their name and features on their vehicles. Even the smaller pieces of equipment like stationary and apparel like uniforms are clearly identifiable. These things might appear trivial at first glance but they go a long way in judging a company’s legitimacy.

Examine the Reputation
While trying to determine how to choose the best moving company, examining its reputation can be of great assistance in determining its authenticity. Check what the customers who have previously used their services have to say about them. Ask your friends and peers for their opinion. Look for assessments online. These reviews don’t have to be absolutely perfect. Every company can make mistakes. A detailed reputation analysis will give you a general idea about how the company functions.

The Bottomline
If you are looking for cheap movers in Toronto, your search ends at No Problem Movers. With their specialized services and customer-oriented interface, they provide you with the best possible moving options.

Moving these days involves a lot of hassles. Whether it is for relocating to a new place, getting a job or simply for sending articles across long distances, make sure that you find a genuine, safe, and affordable means of transportation.

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