Ultimate Checklist for Speedy Packing


Moving is undoubtedly a challenging task especially when it comes to its preparation. It takes a lot of planning plotting and research. Although hiring a professional moving company can reduce your stress to a great extent but if you are taking up the entire responsibility on your shoulder then you need to know some tricks to make your packing process easy and quick. Packing is a crucial step during a move.

Efficient and Speedy Packing

You need to be careful and fast so that your belongings don’t get damaged during the journey. Here are some packing tips that will help you do your packing efficiently during your relocation project.

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When to start your packing?

If you have enough time in your hand for your move, do not delay, you should start packing early. It will not only give peace of mind but also help you stay organized in the process. This also gives you the scope to separate things in different categories whereas packing in a rush means simply wrapping up everything together which later damages your belongings in the journey.

Procrastination is simply not an option when it comes to packing before your move. You will be surprised to know an average two-bedroom home may take up to 3days to pack up. So packing early gives you ample amount of time to ensure that you organize things better and cross check that you did not leave anything behind.

Now when you know when to start your packing here are some useful tips that will help you pack faster

1. Choose a specific place for packing

The first step to begin your packing is to select a place in your house to pack up things. This is because having your packing tools scattered all around your home will make things messy and increase your frustration. It will also be difficult for you to find things in the mess which will do nothing but waste your time. So, make sure you choose a particular area in your house where you can stock all your packing tools including boxes, tapes and markers and start packing things without creating a mess.

2. Label each box

It is evident that you will have multiple boxes at the end of your packing and searching for what is where will only waste your time. To avoid this, you can add labels to your boxes mentioning the things you have kept in them. use markers to mark each on sides with details like

  • The content of the box
  • Whether it has fragile items
  • Which room the box belongs to?

3. Keep tiny items inside bags before packing

Small items like paper clips, pencils and screws often get escaped from our eyes and that is why it is better to store all these tiny items in a bag even before you start filling the large containers. This will help you find all these items later when you need them.

4. Invest in boxes

Choosing the right kind of boxes for your move is very important for the safety of your products. You do have the option to search around your neighborhood for free and cheap cardboard boxes, but these flimsy cartons are not the best choice for as they may collapse and spill things to the floor. That is why it is good to go for boxes that are specially made for moving journeys.

5. Do not lose your focus

While packing things from the entire house you may come across an old photo album or book that can divert your mind for a while. If you spend too much time on it, you will lose your focus. Just bear in mind that you will get a lot of time for that later while unpacking them in your new house.

Packing effectively needs proper strategies. You can utilize the above-mentioned tips to pack your belongings efficiently. You can also seek professional help for this purpose who provides efficient packing service and unpacking service during your move.

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