A Checklist for Seniors Downsizing Their Home

Downsizing isn’t an easy task, especially when you need to do it in a hurry. As a senior looking to downsize your home, you may want to think about hiring senior moving services to help you out—there’s a lot more that goes into downsizing than you may realize. You’ve likely collected a lot of things over the years, and it can be hard to part with some of them. Relocation as a senior, whether you’re moving into assisted living or a smaller, more manageable space, can be exhausting. Enlisting a senior moving specialist that offers downsizing services can take a load off of you, not to mention make your move a much more efficient process. If you’re a senior downsizing in Mississauga and would like some moving tips, check out this checklist.

TIPS for an Office/Warehouse Move

Filing Cabinets:

Conventional or two-drawer filing cabinets can be moved with non-breakable contents inside. Note: During transit, the added weight may cause the rails to shift inside the cabinet.Contents of 4-drawer, lateral, or wall filing cabinets must be removed and properly packed.

Computers and specialized equipment:

Your IT specialists typically like to handle prepping all equipment for the move including disconnection and will also do the setup at the new office location. If you require us to do this service, we have specialists ready to get the job done.