7 Expert Tips for a Smooth Residential Move

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A residential relocation in Mississauga can be a fun and exciting experience for homeowners, but as the official moving day draws near, you may find yourself feeling stressed about the move. Figuring out what to put on your moving checklist can also be a time-consuming task that can make you feel overwhelmed. There are many things to consider when moving items from one place to another, especially if the move is long distances or involves items that are fragile or valuable. But the relocation experts at No Problem Movers can help. Here are seven helpful residential moving tips that can make your moving day a lot less stressful.

Organize Yourself Before the Moving Date

Before you move, it is important to have a plan of action. Figure out how items should be packed away and organized for the move. Properly label all boxes so the professional moving companies know exactly what the items are, how they should be handled, and where they should be placed in your new home.

Get Rid of the Inessentials

As you pack, figure out which items can be thrown away or donated. There are many helpful junk removal services that will take your unused or old items away for you, so you can avoid bringing clutter into your new home. A good rule of thumb is to throw away items that you haven’t used in the past five years. Plan a garage sale, give items to charity, or put items up for sale online. Whatever you do, seize this opportunity to purge.

Get Estimates

Before you relocate, it is a good idea to call local junk removal and moving companies to find out which ones offer the best rates. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Don’t be stingy if you are moving valuable and expensive items—sometimes the company with the cheapest rate isn’t necessarily the company with the best quality service. On the other hand, make sure the company you choose isn’t too far out of your budget.

Labelling Is a Must

As mentioned earlier, labelling is extremely important to make sure you can find everything when the time comes to unpack. All sides of the boxes should be labelled—this makes life easier and saves you and the movers time when unloading the moving truck and organizing where each box should go in your new home.

Get Moving Insurance

Contact a residential moving insurance agent while you plan your move to discuss your needs for your new home. It’s also important to find out what your insurance covers for your move, in the event there is an accident and your possessions are damaged.

Register Your New Address

Registering your address makes sure that your subscription services, bills, and other important mailed paperwork will be sent to your new home, instead of your old one. It also makes it easier for your relatives or friends to contact you.

Get Help from Residential Relocation Experts

To ensure the safety of your possessions and to make the move as smooth as possible, it is always a good idea to work with residential movers and relocation experts. No Problem Movers is the ideal choice when it comes to corporate relocation in the GTA or surrounding areas. We are a professional moving company that provides several moving services including residential, commercial, long distance, vehicle, overseas, and senior moving, as well as packing and unpacking services, secure storage, and junk removal. Contact us today to find out more and speak with one of our office relocation experts.

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