5 Ways to Save Money on Your Move

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Shifting to a new place indicates the beginning of a new chapter in life. You again have to start everything from a scratch. It is both mentally and physically stressful but we often do this in the hope of a better life. The emotional journey combines the pain of leaving behind the memories of the old house and the excitement of the new one.

Moreover, moving is an expensive affair as you need to make arrangements for a new house in a new city or state or even a country. Costs add up very quickly in your moving journey in attempt to make it smooth and stress free. The cost of moving depends on a multiple factors that include the items you will have to purchase for your new house, the size of your move etc. Even if not the accurate amount but you can certainly get an estimation of your move which is close to the accurate figure. This will not only help you plan your moving expenses wisely but also reduce costs where you can.

Before planning to save money in this project, let’s have a look at the areas of expenses in your moving journey

  1. House rent or mortgage
  2. Utilities
  3. Moving expenses- DIY or professional movers
  4. Furnishing
  5. Living expenses for two months –food, transportation and miscellaneous
  6. Emergency expenses

These are the obvious expenses that will be added in your moving budget but there are certain places where you have the scope to save. Here are some ways you can save on your move.

1. De-clutter

De-cluttering is an essential part of moving. Make sure you discard the things which are not in use anymore. Keeping unnecessary things in your house will do nothing but increase the burden of goods during your move which will at the end increase the cost of your move because the more items you move the more packing materials will be required. Apart from your clothes carry only essential things to your new home especially those which you do not need to buy again.

2. Sell or donate your unwanted things

After separating your unwanted items, you can either sell or donate them. For example it is a good idea to donate clothes to the unprivileged children or else you can simply organize a garage sell to earn few extra bucks. Moreover if you have plans to decorate your new home with fresh furniture then it’s better to sell the old ones.

3. Use newspaper for packaging

Bubble wraps do look good but they are unnecessarily expensive. So instead of using bubble wrap for your packing, go for old newspapers, which is the best option to protect your delicate items. Even if you do not have newspapers you can always ask for them to your local newspapers.

4. Compare estimates of professional movers

If you are hiring a expert furniture mover to professionally handle your furniture move, you must ask for estimates from different movers to compare their service costs. If you notice a mover charging significantly higher than others you must ask for an explanation for that. Comparing bids will help you reach an affordable moving company who will fulfill your moving needs at a reasonable cost.

5. Hire a mover with insurance

It is extremely important for you to choose an insured moving company if you are planning to hire one. This is because it will provide you safety against any unfortunate incident during the move. Appointing an insured mover ensures that if any damage occurs during the move, the insurance company will bear the burden of it.

Relocation is a major decision for which you need to prepare yourself. The entire procedure is filled with obstacles that can be better overcome if handled by professionals. Hiring cheap movers Toronto is not always the best option for you as there are lots of factors that need to be taken into account apart from the cost while selecting a professional mover for your move.

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