5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company


Asset management is probably the most complicated part of any moving project. Right from the moment you take the decision of moving, the worries of shifting your belongings start haunting you. Moreover the project involves a whole lot of things that need to be done in a proper manner and it really does not matter how early you plan for it, at the end of the day you run out of time. To save yourself from the mess you need to rely on a moving service that will share the burden of your shifting project with you.

If you are a first timer then you need to make sure that the moving company you choose fulfills certain criteria.
Always remember that you risk all your belongings to them and that the decision you make should have to be the best for you. To ensure that you find reliable Toronto movers you should enquire about the following things before hiring a moving company.

1. Do they have license?

Having proper license is imperative for a mover to avoid any kind of scam during the process. No matter how tough it is to obtain a proper license a credible mover will always have it. It is to be noted that the moving regulations and license requirements differs from state to state.

2. Year of experience

You might be a first timer or have experience of shifting from a place to another in the past but choosing an amateur moving company is certainly not a good idea for you. You need to make sure that the company holds sufficient experience in this field so that he could handle your asset with utmost care and protection. An experienced mover will be able to overcome any obstacles like parking restrictions, steep stairs, no elevators and small doorways with ease.

3. Enquire about their paperwork

Written documents are synonymous to trust. That is why you should ask the moving company you prefer to hire hundred times about the paperworks they are willing to give you about the service assurance including detailed estimation, order for service and the bill of landing and inventory forms. It is to be noted here that the federal law has made it mandatory for moving companies to show its customers a copy of your rights and responsibilities when you move.

4. How do they charge for their moving service

It is your right to get the full details of the mover’s pricing structure and also what amount are they charging for what service. Long distance movers usually charge on the basis of distance and weight. Don’t forget to ask them to show a written confirmation of the fee structure to avoid any kind of unexpected last moment payment.

5. Ask about their insurance policy

Undeniably moving involves lot of risks. Even if the mover is very much careful, accidents are unpredictable and it can cause minor to major damage to your assets. That is why it is extremely important for you to appoint a moving company that provides the assurance of insurance. Third party insurance is not recommended in this case because the claiming procedure is extremely complicated; instead taking it directly from the mover fixes up things easily.

The entire moving episode also has an emotional side. The decision itself is a major one and that is another reason why most of the people prefer to depend on movers. It creates mixed feeling amongst people where they have a hope to start a better life in the new place, at the same time they leave the existing place with endless number of memories. Such mental state often fails to take the right decision on asset management. Keeping this in mind I have shared the above mentioned tips to make your moving journey an easy one.

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